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Breeding a Basculin?

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So let's say I breed a blue Basculin, what is the chance that a red Basculin might hatch?

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Ugh, I know there is a Bulbapedia page on this, but I can't find it ;-;
I'll do some breed testing. Just need to wait about a hour until I'm done. I'll try breeding a red with ditto, blue with ditto, and then blue and red to see what the ratio is,

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Red and Blue Basculin

Alright, after about 30 minutes of breeding Basculin, I have found the answer to your question~
Lets start off with the results of breeding a red colored Basculin with a ditto:
Basculin 1 - Red, Female
Basculin 2 - Red, Male
Basculin 3 - Red, Female
Basculin 4 - Red, Female
Basculin 5 - Red, Female
Now this was the expected outcome, due to ditto's nature to breed whatever you throw at it, and make a copy (An example of this would be breeding a east sea shellos, with a ditto. You will end up with another east sea shellos)

Next was Blue Basculin breeding with ditto:
Basculin 1 - Blue, Female
Basculin 2 - Blue, Male
Basculin 3 - Blue, Female
Basculin 4 - Blue, Female
Basculin 5 - Blue, Female
Again, the expected results.

Now this one I was slightly interested in. Breeding a Blue and Red Basculin together to see what color Basculin you get. Now, before anyone asks what gender the Basculin were, here they are- Blue=Male Red=Female (I didn't really want to try this again with a Blue as a female, and a Red as the male, and you will see why with the results of this breeding)
Basculin 1 - Red, Male
Basculin 2 - Red, Female
Basculin 3 - Red, Male
Basculin 4 - Red, Female
Basculin 5 - Red, Male
With these results, I came to the conclusion that the color Basculin you get, is related towards the color the mother Basculin is. (Except when breeding with ditto that is.)
And there you have it~

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