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I don't have a 3DS or X/Y, but I'm going to buy them very soon and I want to get some details about the game, to see what I will buy.

  1. For Mega-Evolutions, can I only have Mega Y's in the Y version and Mega X's in the X version? For example: Mewtwo X in Pokemon X version and Mewtwo Y in Pokemon Y version? Because I want to have both Mega-Charizard X and Mewtwo Y, so would I need both games?
  2. Can you find Xerneas in the X version and Yveltal in the Y version? Because in Black you find Reshiram and White you find Zekrom.
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  1. If you want Charizardite X and Mewtwonite Y, you're going to unfortunately have to buy both games or trade to get the two Mega Stones on one game, as you can't get both Mega Stones in X or Y.

  2. In X you find Xerneas and in Y you find Yveltal.

Hope I helped :)

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Ok thanks!
I'm going to buy Pokémon X c:
You're welcome and you can just trade something to get the Mewtwonite Y.
Oh, btw if you're deciding which game to get, this may help you decide: http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/182574/mega-evolution-stones-for-pokemon-x?show=182574#q182574

My answer on that questions tells you what Mega Stones are available on both games, which Mega Stones are available on X and which Mega Stones are available on Y.
actually you can get charizardite x and mewtwonite y on y, because the guy at the stone emporium to the left of the counter gives you the starter mega stones you dont have, one each day. (including charizardite x on y and the other way round.) so if that's the only thing that's stopping you from making a final decision, you could choose y.