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I know that lugia is lv 45 but what lv should my party be before I face it?


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It doesn't really matter if you are going to use the master ball to catch but if you are saving it for Mewtwo or groudon then any level above forty should work I suggest having a pokemon that can learn false swipe to minimize it's hp and a pokemon that can paralyze it. Then use a defensive pokemon like Umbreon and use dusk balls/Ultra balls. If you are trying to kill it then any strong rock, dark, electric, or ice type that is around it's level can defeat it easily.

Note: Lugia is a very very good pokemon that is hard to even damage when Ev trained and has a good set but the wild one is a pushover the only challenge is catching it.

Save master balls for latios or entei,raikou,suicune
on mewtwo or lugia you can just use an dusk ball
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A good level should be 43-45.

Be careful not to kill it.
save before you enter.
and if you are not happy with the nature or stats just reset and catch another