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I have my system and all games bought from the USA, but I live in Finland.
Can I receive event Pokemon from gamestops here too, or is there some region-block?
I don't want to use powersave , but if there is no other way to get Diancie I will need to..

I didn't see this kind of question anywhere when I looked but please tell me if there is similar question with some answer that will help me :3


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The Diancie event is not a Wi-Fi event but a GameStop event which means people like you and me, living outside the US, will be unable to get the event unless it is released worldwide somtime else. I really despise Nintendo when it comes to giving events of such things. So we will have to wait and see. However, if you aren't willing to wait you can use the GTS to get one or just fond someone wiling to give you one. Until then, I guess you will have to PowerSave your game.

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Oh okay. Thank you!
They do GameStop events because Wi-Fi distributions take huge amounts of effort.