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I was browsing through GTS today and I found a level 1 bidoof named Reshiram. Another instance was when I saw a level 20 Pikachu named Deoxys. I've seen this same thing in Wonder Trade as well. Is it a glitch or something?

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Lol Thanks a lot for clearing things up. I actually had a Groudon named Ultra Beef before. o_o

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Because People Want to!

It is not a Glitch or Anything,so don't worry.
For Some Odd Reason People like to Name Pokemon after Legendaries. I Find No Reason to nickname a Pokemon after Legendaries.It Doesn't Make them Cooler Either. A Charizard named Arceus won't make even the slightest difference. People who trade it will get stuck with a Pokemon with a Horrible Nickname.

Sooooo, they Nickname them that because they want to,not a Glitch like I mentioned.

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