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Okay. We all know (I assume we all know?) that speed doesn't come into effect on the first turn of Mega-Evolution.
What happens here?
Red sent out Garchomp!
Blue sent out Charizard!

Let's say that Garchomp M-Evolves on the first turn. Garchomp has 102 base speed but Charizard has 100. But Garchomp's M-Evo speed is 92 speed.
Who would move first?
Assuming the Garchomp has a Jolly nature and the charizard has a Timid nature.

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Assuming they both have maximum Speed, Garchomp will move first. As it have 333 Speed, which is max, it will outspeed the Charizard, even if it Mega Evolves. The next turn Charizard will move first, as it's Speed of 328 out speeds MGarchomps 311. The only way for Charizard to move first on the first turn, is if it should have the Choice Scarf equipped, as that boosts it Speed by 1.5.

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