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Ok this might be a little hard to answer.
Blue sent out Kyogre!
Red sent out Groudon!

Now both Pokemon revert back to their Primal forms.
What would happen? Both are severe weather conditions so would they counter each other like normal weather?

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Those arent out yet, we have little to ni information about them, and we cant test it anywhere.
Ask again when we have more info or when ORAS comes out.

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Primal Groudon and Primal Kyogre's abilities block weather changes, meaning that whomever gets their weather up first (the faster Pokemon) would prevail.

I tested this with Abomasnow and Charizard. In the test, the faster Pokemon got their weather up first (Charizard) followed by Abomasnow, the slower of the two, changing the weather to Hail. However, since their abilities block weather changes, the first weather would stay.

Source: Test and here.

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You don't know that for sure though which is why I commented.
Oh, but we do.

"When a Pokémon with Desolate Land enters battle, the Ability creates extremely harsh sunlight, a unique variation of intense sunlight. Along with the usual effects, extremely harsh sunlight causes Water-type moves and weather-changing moves and Abilities to fail." -Bulbapedia

This is weather. Primidorial Sea is a weather-changing ability. .: it will fail
Fair enough, I thought that would be the case, just I didn't answer in case Primordial Sea and Desolate Land were an exception :3