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I just got a Talonflame in a trade with pokerus.
It has a 50 - 50 chance of being hacked. (see my last question)
I spread the pokerus without thinking to my Lv 77 Gardevior and 62 Goodra, both of which I am raising for competitive use.

If the Talonflame was hacked, and I spread the pokerus, would an electronic hack check pick up on this after releasing the Talonflame, and curing Gardevior and Goodra? Or does it matter?


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It doesnt matter. Just like if you breed a a baby fletchling from that talonflame the game would still consider it legit. As long as your Goodra and Gardevior are legit you will be completely fine.

Source: Personal experience with hacked Pokemon

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Thanks so much!! That takes a load off my mind!!!