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Let's say Jolteon uses quick attack, but Arcanine uses extreme speed, who will move first? Is it the one that is normally the fastest since both moves go first? Or will it be the slower one?

Quick Attack attackdex

Extreme Speed attackdex

I know those attackdexes are not nescessay but whateva.
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Arcanine moves first because Extreme Speed has +2 priority, while Quick Attack only has +1. Higher priority moves will always trump moves of lower priority. If a Persian used Fake Out on the same turn, it would hit before both Extreme Speed and Quick Attack because it has +3 priority.

If two Pokémon use a move with the same priority bracket, the faster one will move first. For example, if both Raticate and Jolteon use Quick Attack, Jolteon will move first because it is faster.

If two Pokémon with the exact same speed — for example, two identical Jolteon — use a priority move, each has a 50/50 chance of moving first (this is known as a speed tie).

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Thank you! This was very helpful c:
If the higher priority move user wasn't a president, would it still trump the lower priority?