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Aside from beating the gym leader.
Nuff said

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I got my Pokemon Y on the official worldwide release date, and I got to Santalune Gym that same day. When I got in the gym, I wanted to go out but I had no idea had to 'cos there were no answers online. It really sucked. xD
She Traps innocent trainers in her Web...Surprised she hasn't gotten a Lawsuit yet.

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Actually, you CAN get out. Alls ya gotta do is, from the point that you land in the web, make your character face north without moving off the central tile, press the A button where you stand, and voila, you jump up and climb back out.

Source: My own experience. ;)

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This would have been nice to know a week ago, when I was just there...
Lol. Suckish. Well, in the case of whenever you restart your file, at least you know now. :D
;) common sense people , common sense .... I got up that rope / string on my own.