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Chespin - learns Rollout at level 8. Great starter, and Rollout complements its moveset nicely.
Bidoof - learns Rollout at level 13. Say hello to your new HM slave.
Dunsparce - learns Rollout at level 4. A rare find on Route 3, much grass will be waded through to obtain it.

Marill learns Rollout early but evolving Azurill in early game is practically impossible as it requires high friendship. Froakie learns Smack Down, but not until level 29.

Other recommendations for the Santalune gym include flying types (Pidgey, Fletchling, Butterfree, Farfetch'd), fire types (Fennekin, Litleo, Pansear), or the electric mouse Pikachu.

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But it's possible that he may not pick Chespin as a starter, so it's great if you suggested another alternative.
Fire types are pretty good too, by the way. If you picked Fennekin, she works. Litleo is also available pretty early. So are flying types like Fletchling and Pidgey.
I can't remember how early other features like GTS trades and Wonder Trading are accessible in X&Y...