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Smeargle question?

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I just want to have a few egg moves for more pokemon. I know smeargle is in the ground egg group and I know sketch copies every move but the smeargle propfile or biosays it doesn't but it also says if you breed smeargle with aggron it might learn dig if aggron knows dig. but that's for the femkale pokemon that is aggron. now I don't understand what I said. easy question can someone please explain more to me how sketch and smeargle's breeding work?

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Okay, I will also explain what you're trying to say. Sketch Breeding is a technique that involves a female Pokemon from the Ground Egg Group and a Male Smeargle. Basically, you Sketch moves you want to Breed and Breed them after. For example, you want to teach Aron Dig, Smeargle has to Sketch Dig and breed with a Female Aggron.

Also, Smeargle doesn't have any Egg Moves, so you cant breed the moves onto it. Sketch copies a move that you get to keep even after Battle. If you sketch Hydro Pump, you get to keep it after Battle as a move you learned. Hope this helps..

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You explained it better than I did.
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I think you are confused about what's written in our breeding guide. What it says is if a MALE Aggron has Dig, it can be bred to another pokemon. Only the male pokemon passes down moves.

You breed the Aggron with a female pokemon (e.g. Charizard), and you get a baby of whatever the female is (e.g. Charmander), but it knows Dig that the male had.

But if you taught the TM to a female Aggron, now you can't pass it down through breeding because it is female. You need to "sketch" it onto a male Smeargle, then breed the Smeargle with a female pokemon, and the Smeargle will pass the move down because it is male.

(Note: the TM example isn't necessary in Black/White because you can use TMs multiple times. But the breeding works the same.)

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Sketch basically allows you to mimic the foe's attack, but unlike Mimic, it stays even after the battle. So Smeargle can know all known attacks, only if he sees it.

This "ability" allowes you to breed a lot of moves to the Ground egg group. It is exactly like any other pokemon, only it can learn each and every move through sketch.

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There's a few moves smeargle can't learn like selfdesdruct explosion and struggle, i think it was more i don't remember 'em all.
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For another example:
Up until B & W, Smeargle was the only way you could get a Vulpix with Energy Ball, by having a Smeargle copy the move and breed with a Vulpix/Ninetails.

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Now no one uses energy ball on Ninetails becuase Solar beam is so much better becuase it has Drought.
I know, but not EVERY Ninetails has Drought, and I was just using an example for Smeargle breeding.