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Like Wooper being able to learn Ice Punch, despite not having hands.
I'm interested!

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You mean like Dugtrio being able to use Shadow Claw, etc?
Yes (filler)
>Without no hands
Nice double negative :3
xD (filler)
Naw, he's speakin' like me, it's a'ight.

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Wooper can learn Ice Punch like you said, Shroomish can learn Focus Punch, Diglett and Dugtrio learning some slashing moves, like Slash and Shadow Claw, Ekans and Arbok learning Sucker Punch, Poliwag learning Belly Drum and Double Slap(unless you count poliwags tail for drumming and slapping), Gastly can learn the elemental punching moves, Weezing can learn Double Hit(which I don't know how that happens),
Gyarados can learn Thunderbolt(nuff said), Mewtwo gets Mist.

I will add the others later.
Hope I helped!(for now)

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actually, in the anime, Gastly is show being able to form 'hands' from its gas.
maybe weezing can use double hit by using its head.
I'ill BA +1 when you add more.
Muk can learn Attrack, which is IMPOSSIBLE!
oh crap forgot about this xD