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If you had a completely legit non-emulated game, are there any cheats/glitches in-game?

There are definitely glitches, but with cheats, it really depends on what you define a cheat as.
I maybe press a series of buttons, then "magically" get an item, or a place appears
Then the answer is no. No such thing exists outside of emulators and other hacked copies of the game.
how about glitches that never change, such as if you do...this happens, or something?
Well yes, glitches can have permanent effects, but glitches aren't cheats.

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There are a number of glitches, not many being to your benefit though, other than the Pokemon cloning glitch. If you want to see all glitches, look here.
As for cheats, there is a device called an Action Replay Powersave, which can be used to make any changes to the game's save file, allowing you to do a variety of things such as turn Pokemon shiny and get 999 of every item, etc.
There are no ''in-game cheats'' though.

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