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Me, battling against the Controller of Time, aka, Dialga.

Pokemon currently battling:

Uxie (Level 50)

Turn 1 (since Uxie switched in)

  • Uxie used Yawn (PP is now 8/10)
  • Dialga use Iron Tail (Does some damage)

Turn 2

  • Uxie used Amnesia (PP is now 19/20)
  • Dialga used Aura Sphere (The damage it did was lol-worthy)

Turn 3

  • Uxie used Amnesia (PP is now 18/20)
  • Sleeps

Turn 4

  • Uxie used Amnesia (PP is now 17/20)
  • Still Sleeping

That's about it. I had Mesprit use status and other moves on it (Charm, Extrasensory, etc) and they all were affected by Pressure.

Even Yawn was affected. Sadly, I do not have a video (nor a picture, owing to my excitement of catching the Dragon/Steel Ubermon).

However, I am extremely positive that the above happened. Even after I SR-ed. (I should have taken a picture, but couldn't :\ )

So, my question is:

  • Did anyone else also have the same problem? (Fairly probable, since Uxie, Mesprite and Azelf are all required on team)
  • Has it been recognised as a glitch?
  • Is it a glitch?

Final disclaimer: No, I am not blind (20/20, last I checked), nor under the influence of ... stuff.

Thanks in advance,


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I'm assuming you're asking if amnesia not getting affected by pressure is a glitch.

The answer is no, only moves that target the Pokemon that has pressure cost two Pp.


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Really? Damn, I had NO idea! Guess you learn something new everyday! Thanks a bunch!