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I just bought Pokémon Bank and I am trying to transfer my Pokémon over from Black 2 to Alpha Sapphire. A lot of my legitimate Pokémon are failing to transfer. One example is my Shiny Zoroark which I hatched from an egg as a Zorua. It has my trainer ID and name.
Naive nature
Day-Care Couple
Egg received.
Castelia City
Egg apparently hatched.
Capable of taking hits.

Moves: Night Daze
Focus Blast

lvl: 100
HP: 261
Attack: 247
Defense: 156
SpA: 339
SpD: 140
Spd: 339

Ability: Illusion

Note: those are the stats, not the EVs for those stats

Of course. You have to legitimately catch Pokemon. Nintendo!

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Pokemon Bank doesn't work with Black 2, only with ORAS and X&Y

If you mean PokeTransporter, then there isn't much you can do, PT is known to let some hacked Pokemon through, whilst not letting other legit ones through, this usually occurs with shinies or signature moves like Night Daze.

There are a few things you can try;
1) Make it forget Night Daze
2) Reset the EVs with berries.
3) Make sure it isn't holding anything

It may be one of these that's getting caught by the PT checker, if this doesn't work, then I'm afraid you're stuck.

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Reset Bags don't exist in Gen V… perhaps you mean EV-reducing Berries?
There are no training bags in B2
Ugh, my bad guys, you're right, I was thinking about X&Y, amended.