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On black 2 I have been playing it for a while. When I got to the last quarter of the game, it froze. I turned it back on. It worked fine. 2days later, it froze again. Now it freezes occasionally about 1nce a week. WHY? It happened right after I beat the Champion and I had to redo it.

kyurem froze it, duh. kyurem is so powerful that he's actually trying to break beyond your game cartridge, and causing the game to freeze with his ice attacks!
ha, ha...

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Did you use an Action Replay on it or play the game on a different ds that has used an action replay? If so, that's pretty reasonable. It's happened to me several times as well.

If you want a solution, here you go: You can try sending it in to Nintendo where they can fix it. You should get your game back in a couple days.

Pros: Fixes the game, prevents freezing

Cons: Restarts your game. Yeah I was pretty sad when that happened to me :/

That's what I would recommend for you to do to stop the freezing.

Hope I helped!

Source: Experience

might also be dirt on the contacts of either the ds or the game that could be causing the issue
didn't use a action replay on it
Mine does that too. I just save every 2 or 3 minutes just to be safe and right before and after a major event. (such as battling/catching Kyurem) And I've never used action replay or hacked so you're not alone!  (-;