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I'm seriously having concerns at this point.

About 14 months ago, I hacked my LeafGreen game to have the Altering Cave spawn Mareep, because I want a shiny Mareep in 3rd gen. Harmless, right? But after 14 months of hunting at least a little nearly every day... over 130,800 encounters without a single shiny, I swear something is wrong with this game.

The odds are 1/8192. Yet, I've gone over those odds at least 15 times. I don't understand, I've seen people get shinnies through hacking their Altering Cave without a problem.

For all I know, it is just me being insanely unlucky, but this is driving me crazy. Does hacking a game prevent shiny Pokémon from appearing?

I haven't read a good article stating that shiny hunting drives people insane, so you should probably just keep hunting until you get it.
When I said it's driving me crazy I didn't mean literally :/
We are all crazy in the inside.
I'm sure there's a relevant Joker quote for this situation somewhere.
Or a Lewis Carol novel involving a bunny in a waistcoat.
Nah, your just unlucky with it
I'd just say you've been hella unlucky. Hacking shouldn't prevent the appearance of shinies unless you specifically hack the game's shiny system.

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Some possible reasons are

  1. You encountered a shiny one actually and you didn't realise it.
  2. The hack you are using may have glitched the game. I have seen some hacks glitching the entire game, and also, your hack may have affected the games shiny system. Or, you only hacked to spawn non Shiny mareeps.
  3. You are just unlucky.

Hacking shouldn't prevent the appearance of shines unless you specifically hack the games Shiny system.
~ Indigo