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I am asking this because as of what we've seen in the pictures and footage they do not seem to be roaming, moreover seeming to want to join your team(perhaps through a battle). Though I know my question is purely based on my thoughts and we will find out soon enough, it troubles me that I would not be able to get a [email protected] of the desired nature.

I'm pretty sure you can

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Depends really.


  • The [email protected] are interactable Pokemon (like how most legendary Pokemon are) then yes, Synchronize has a 50% chance to pass on the nature.
  • The [email protected] are gift or event Pokemon (I doubt it but whatever) then no, you cannot use Synchronize to get the desired nature.
  • The [email protected] roam like how the three legendary dogs used to roam (roaming as long as you don't faint/catch them) then only if the Synchronizer was present in the last encounter, it will take effect.
  • The [email protected] roam like how the legendary birds roamed in X/Y (after a certain number of encounters they will settle for you to catch) then yes, but only on the encounter after it settles.

Hope I helped!

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Mystery Gift pkmn are synchronizable
Uh... no? Mystery Gift, Event, in-game gift mons etc. are not Synchronizable. Synchronize requires actual battle to take place, otherwise it will not happen
Well I always Synchronize event Pokemon and it works
I sure wanna know how you do that, because that is in fact impossible lol