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This has what happened;
>Kangaskhan has Mega Evolved into Mega Kangaskhan!
The opposing Kangaskhan used Earthquake!
It's super effective! Flareon lost 62.0% of its health!
It's super effective! Flareon lost 28.7% of its health!
Hit 2 times!
Flareon used Toxic!
The opposing Kangaskhan was badly poisoned!
Flareon restored a little HP using its Leftovers!
The opposing Kangaskhan was hurt by poison!

Don't moves like Earthquake only hit once, regardless of Parental Bond?

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Moves that strike multiple targets such as Earthquake and Rock Slide will not strike twice in Double, Triple, or Horde Battles.

That is only the case in Double, Triple and Horde battles, in Singles it hits twice, same as other moves.

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