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Other than online store.

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Online store? You mean Poké
I think he means the EShop
amazon,nintendo store etc which gives email of the demo codeif u pre order the games
Oh. I thnk you can get one if you sign up for Poké and set you email preferences to Yes. Then wait for 20/21 (Can't remember) October and the newsletter should include a demo code.
isn't it only for  america that is where i don't live in

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If you are willing to, you can create a account, and set you preferences to receive newsletters. In the newsletter which comes on Oct 20, there is a special code that will give you access to the Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire Demo.

You can create a account anywhere you live, it is not limited to the USA. I live in India and am waiting for the newsletter.

To redeem the code once you receive it, do the following-

  • Make sure your 3DS system is connected to the Internet, and open the Nintendo eShop
  • Wait for the eShop to prepare
  • On the top left there is an orange Menu button, tap it
  • Select the second option that says Redeem Download Code
  • Enter the Download Code and tap the OK button
  • This should trigger the download of the demo if you entered the code correctly.

Hope this clears things up!

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even i am an indian but i live in qatar and thanks