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I can't find it anywhere!

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Just a callout - this is for the ORAS demo.

If you want to receive the newsletter with the demo code in it, you've gotta create your account and check that box before October 19th.

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When you are signing up, underneath the Email entry there is an option to receive market messages or not. Ticking this box will allow you to receive the newsletter.

If you have already signed up, go to Profile Overview and go to the bottom of the page, and there should be an option:

I would like to receive marketing email messages, including information about future online games, from The Pokémon Company International.

enter image description here

Tick this box.

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Is there anything else i gotta sign up for/do, or is that it?
That is it, the newsetter should arrive at your inbox, as long as you have set your email preferences to yes.
Thanks I got my code now