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I am going to answer this myself because I know the answer and I also want people who play tcgo to see this So they can earn tokens.

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There are many ways to get tokens in

1. Stamps!
In there is a feature called Stamps, where you can earn stamps and each stamp has different levels and stuff, You get 6 tokens for each stamp you get

2. Mini Games
(I don't know if the 15 tokens per week limitation for mini games still exist or not)
You can play these online games on the site to earn some tokens (I recommend it because it is most fun)

3. Reading (Clicking) Articles
You get 1 token for clicking on any article in

4. Daily Challenge in TCGO
Every day there is going to be a challenge for you, when you hit level 3 you are able to choose from 3, with these you can get booster packs or up to 50 tokens (I have not gotten more than that yet)

5. Bonus Wheel(Recommended)/Token Farming Deck (Not that recommended but yay!
Losers and Winers both have Bonus wheel prizes, You can get 10 card packs from the winners wheels (5 card in the losers one) and tokens and also tournament tickets (got 75 tokens in a mystery box once)
Token Farming Deck:
What I did was : 4x Rattatas 3x AZ's : Some random trainer cards and 48 energies
Or you can just use Super Scoop Up

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