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So... As I was Wonder Trading for Poke Miles, someone sent over a level 100 Shiny Impostor Ditto, with perfectly rounded stats. I was excited (of course... who wouldn't be?) and I moved it to my team. This is where things started to become extremely weird: The Ditto was caught by "Ditto" and had the OT Id number of 11111. Also, it was transferred from the Unova region. I am no expert, but I don't think you can get an Impostor Ditto in Unova. I'm confused, and I am wondering if this is a hacked Ditto. If it is, that would really suck. Can anyone tell me if it is a hacked Pokemon, as Ditto is an awesome Pokemon.

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You can definitely get an Impostor Ditto from Unova. The Hidden Grotto in B/W 2's Giant Chasm make it easy. It'd be easier to tell if we knew its exact stats.
This ID seemn't legit.
Pokegen for sure

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It is most likely hacked.

It was possible to get an Imposter Ditto in Black/White 2 via the Dream World, and its owner could have just had the name Ditto. The shininess and the fact that it is level 100 however, hint that it is not legally obtained. If by "perfectly rounded stats" you meant perfect IVs, it is most definitely hacked, there is almost no chance of finding a shiny Ditto with 6 perfect IVs and its Hidden Ability. It doesn't cause your game any harm though, and there is still a(very small) chance it is legal. I see no problem in using itthough, unless it has illegal moves, Abilities, etc. as long as it doesn't have any of these traits it is still "legit".

Edit: It is hacked.

HA dittos were found in a certain hidden grotto, but they can't be shiny, so it is hacked
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Thank you Quagmire.

Pokémon in the Hidden Grotto cannot be shiny and the contents are set when regenerated, they cannot be soft reset. Natures of the Pokémon, however, are soft-resetable
- Serebii

Rare case that there is full confirmation that a Pokémon is hacked, but as The Trapinchinator said Imposter Ditto are found in Hidden Grottos(one in Giant Chasm, if memory serves), and Pokémon found there cannot be shiny, meaning it is impossible to get a shiny Imposter Ditto in Generation V.

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HA dittos were found in a certain hidden grotto, but they can't be shiny, so it is hacked
Are you sure that they cannot be found in the Dream World too?
Yes, I've done the Dream World before, and no dittos were spotted
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It could very well be legit, but there is only a 1/4301409746944 chance of encountering a Shiny Ditto with six perfect IVs in the wild, discounting the fact that you have it with Imposter. As a matter of fact it can only be in the wild as Dittos can't be bred.

It is possible that there is some guy who is a Ditto fanatic and he named himself Ditto, but there is only a 1/65536 chance of getting the ID 11111, making it highly unlikely that this is a legit Ditto.

It is possible that the guy reset over and over after finding the Ditto, and got this one, but is it near definitely hacked. I would stick to using that Ditto only to breed perfect Pokemon.

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