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Please don't answer with ''This is impossible''

Let us say that I was somehow able to pass in a multi battle my medichamite to my partners medicham would he/she Mega-Evolve it?

And I know this is impossible but IF I could would it mega? and would the same apply with the opponents (assuming they have a medicham)

"This is impossible"
Well maybe it is impossible, but u don't have to put it in ur comment/answer

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This is impossible

There. I said it. The thing is though, there really is no way to find out, because it is not in the game's coding, it is impossible to know the answer, because it doesn't exist, there is no answer. So we can only assume that it would, because if a Pokémon is holding the appropriate Mega Stone, it can Mega Evolve.

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O for fudge sake ah well at least you answered
He said pls don't answer "this is impossible"
And you begin ur answer with "this is impossible. ;-D
Somebody go ROM test this. xD
@Shedinjaslasher--- done purposely
@TheCastformGuy even if you find the answer on a ROM, how does that equal what would happen in the legit game? The game isn't coded for this, so there is no answer.
The closest thing you could relate Maison battles to might be multi-battles; a format of battling including four different players. Because as many as four mega evolutions can happen during these battles, I guess it is somewhat safe to assume it's likewise in the Maison.