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I am going to train a vulpix and I bred one that has Hp(ice) power 66 that is timid and has high speed IVs. The problem is it has low S.attack Ivs and this is a gen 4 sweeper. But I want to know becuase Nasty plot is going to be it's thing will it make up for the low S.attack Ivs?

Does it have Energy Ball?
How do you know power is 66?
Serrebis ivs calculator can do it too if you know it's stats at level 100 and becuase I have battle revolution so I can check it's stats at level 50

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Yeah, Nasty Plot should cover up that low Special attack, but you'll be missing out on some crucial power.

It's really up to how you feel about losing some power, and on Wifi, a strong Hidden Power is hard to come by, so you'll be surprising a lot of people.