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what is the location for Normal Vulpix?

What game? Normal Vulpix can't be obtained in the wild in Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun, and Ultra Moon.

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It is impossible to encounter non-alolan forms in Sun and Moon. The only way to get a normal Vulpix is by transferring it from an earlier generation, or by trading.

If you have a normal Vulpix, you can breed for more normal Vulpix if it holds an Everstone.

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You have to evolve it in the Ultra Space, not just by going there (this is a mistake?).
yeah, because the main region in sun and moon is alola, there's so many alolan forms to encounter
Sorry, I thought it was clear it wouldn’t evolve automatically.
Only Alolan Vulpix can evolve into Alolan Ninetales. So regular Vulpix will evolve into regular Ninetales, even if it's in Alola.
and also how you can transfer pokémon from previous generations?
@sumwun My bad. I forgot that the Ultra Space requirement only applies to pre-evolutions that don’t have alolan forms

@Uxieon You need to buy PokéBank.
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I think X-scizors answer is good