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Also add all the moves they can learn that are affected by Contrary.

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First of all, it is impossible for Contrary Serperior and Malamar to exist in the same Generation, so it means whichever Generation you're playing, you only have one option out of the two. They are still comparable though, so I will.


Party Serperior

Serperior's main and probably only use for Contrary is Leaf Storm, boosting its Special Attack stat by two stages each time it successfully hits. This, coupled with good Speed makes it a dangerous sweeper. It has decent Defensive stats too, although HP could be better.


Party Malamar

Malamar's use for Contrary is Superpower, which is basically a 120 base power move that has the added effect of Bulk Up. A small downfall is that Malamar doesn't receive STAB from Superpower, unlike Serperior with Leaf Storm. Malamar can be a just as dangerous sweeper as Serperior though, its Defenses are a bit lackluster, but not pathetic(its 2x weakness to Bug isn't helping it though). Specially Defensive sets can be effective, because it can still sweep with the boosts from Superpower. It lacks a reliable recovery move though, which can make it a bit hard to pull off. A pro to Malamar is the better attack stat.

Overall, I believe Serperior is the superior user of Contrary, for its outright power with Leaf Storm, even with base 75 Special Attack, after boosts Leaf Storm is so powerful its ridiculous.
It also has better Defenses than Malamar, a lack of a 2x weakness, allowing it to take more hits, not having to rely on boosts. It can even run a bulky sweeper set.

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Move that Contrary boosts - Leaf Storm

Move that Contrary boosts - Superpower

For Each time Serperior uses Leaf Storm with Contrary It gets a sharply raised stat instead of lowered and for each time Malamar uses Superpower it gets an increase in Attack and defense which is also good

I feel that Serperior would be the better Contrary user on some notes
-Leaf Storm harshly lowers which with contrary is excellent
-Serperior already does pretty decent damage on Malamar without the Contrary boost
-Malamar's bulk is pathetic at best
-Serperior's outspeeding Malamar when its down to low HP Serp will have the advantage (even though Malamar wont even survive another hit from Serperior's Leaf storm)

So yea, Go for Serperior it would seem like the better choice

You can't base it on Serperior vs Malamar.
what do you mean by that :o?
He wants to know which is better, not what would win. Which is better generally.
I still gave which is better in a sense o3o
Still not a great or particularly useful answer.
shadup PeeEx This is gud >:O
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Serpirior can't have contrary