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Jolly -> 372 Speed / 259 Atk
Adamant -> 284 Atk / 339 Speed

Dugtrio has Choice Band and it knows Earthquake, Stone Edge, Aerial Ace, Sucker Punch and I'm going to invest 252 Speed and 252 Attack.
This is for use in my OU team and I would to know some reasons for what nature should I use.
372 Speed is to much but I have scared to something outspeed him and OHKO.. 284 Atk + Choice Band with a STAB Earthquake is deadly but losing some speed stats is bad I think?
I need help :(

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Although it can outspeed many threats such as Jolly Garchomp, it fails to outspeed Timid [email protected], and being able to threaten it is a great advantage. Speed is priority, especially with Dugtrio's pathetic Defenses. Choice Band gives you power, anyway. Really though, I don't recommend using Dugtrio in OU, but it is your choice of course.

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Outspeeding [email protected] is irrelevant. You can't trap it, and the only worthwhile move against it is Sucker Punch, which is priority anyway.
Pursuit. Although not ideal with Choice Band, as I said before. The mere fact of forcing it out is an advantage too, though switching in isn't an option. There also may be a surprise factor, for OU players that haven't encountered many Dugtrio before, and aren't expecting the Night Slash.
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Firstly, don't use sucker punch the opponent can stall you to death.
Secoundly use jolly 259 x 1.5 =390 is real strong attack and 372 speed is lots, enough to outspeed lots of the tier.

Night Slash is a good replacement. He also learns Pursuit, but is not ideal with Choice Band.
Anytime!Also, night slash will be your best improvement.