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Dugtrio is a frail, fast, and strong Ground type. Those are basically hyper-offense traits, and are the complete opposite of what you'd see on a stall team, which consists of bulky, slow, usually offensively weak Pokémon. It can switch into and remove walls like Toxapex. Ground also isn't really known as a defensive typing, since it has too many neutralities and not many resistances.

I’d assume it’s something to do with Arena Trap but I’m not sure

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I’d assume it’s something to do with Arena Trap but I’m not sure
commented 18 minutes ago by PrimalKyogre

Yes it is. For something that walls stall, like a magic gaurd clefable, it is important to eliminate it. Without that clef in the way, they can toxic the other team into oblivion. It also doesn't work extremely well on hyper offense because it traps them, and it's damage isn't extremely high. Hyper offense is just using your most powerful effective move to brute force your way thru. Some things that dugtrio can do in stall isn't all too helpful in hyper offense, because trapping the opponent and not being able to do lots of damage while still being frail isn't good. Common threats that dugtrio would trap would be:clefable, mega saybleye, ferrothorn(its spikes wears down the team, as well as residual leech seed damage), and others.

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