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If they banned Arena Trap from OU, shouldn't Dugtrio be banished to ubers? They shouldn't send him back to PU.

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but dugtrio is basically a groudon and mega gengar mixed
It has far worse stats than both of them.
earthquake of an groudon, a trapper of a gengar and the speed of an arceus
...and HP of a Tyrogue and physical defense of a Beautifly. Earthquake hardly matters when its physical attack isn't that much better than its other stats.
Gengar has a better offensive stat and movepool

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Simple explanation: Dugtrio was good when it had arena trap. Dugtrio doesn't have arena trap, so Dugtrio is now bad. Dugtrio is now bad, so it dropped to PU.

Explanation in terms of what I know about Smogon OU: Smogon bans things from OU in attempt to solve certain problems. In this case, the problem was that Dugtrio could trap a lot of things and a lot of strategy ended up being about using Dugtrio correctly. Other strategies and skills mattered less when everyone was using Dugtrio, and apparently Smogon doesn't like when that happens, so they decided to do something. For whatever reason, they decided that banning arena trap the ability was a better solution than banning Dugtrio the Pokemon. It might have been because it was more concentrated, or the thing dissolved in it was more useful. No matter the reason, the solution they chose was banning arena trap. So arena trap was banned. This was already enough to solve the problem, so Dugtrio was allowed to stay in OU. And because its only good ability was banned, people stopped using it, so it dropped to PU.

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Usually, when loss of a powerful ability cripples a Pokémon's usage, the Pokémon will go down tiers instead of up. This is the case with Gothitelle. Trapping moves like Shadow Tag and Arena Trap was banned in OU and below, so Dugtriowas moved to PU. However, despite its PU ranking, Shadow Tag Gothitelle is viable in Uber.

The reason is because they didn't have to ban it Ubers to solve the problem. Sand Force / Sand Veil Dugtrio is obviously much less viable, and since Arena Trap was Banned, these were Dugtrio's only ability choices for tiers excluding Uber. Therefore, it was moved to PU. If you want to use an Arena Trap Dugtrio, you will have to do it in the Uber tier.

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How do I use a shadow tag dugtrio? Isn't this question about area trap, nit shadow tag? Why am i asking these?
Whoops. I meant Arena Trap lol. Shadow Tag is Gothitelle's ability.