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Sun/Moon gave Dugtrio blonde Three Stooges wigs.

The hair gives Alolan Dugtrio a pretty decent ability; even if it dies, the opponent is slowed down.

It got a few stat changes, as well as Steel secondary typing, all from the hair.

Why? Is there an In-game explanation? I couldn't find any in the Pokedex entries.

This question could already be here, I couldn't find it.

For the same reason that other Pokemon have Alolan forms. Because that's how the developers wanted it.
I know that much, but do they explain it someway? like... the softer soil allows it to maintain it's natural amount of hair, and the bright sunlight bleaches it.

I've never played the game. I wanted to know if there was an explanation

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Well, lets see here. The hair I actually liked, because of it looking like it was from the Alola region. Thin about it: Alolan Raichu looks like a surfer from Hawaii, Alolan Exeggutor looks like a palm tree from Hawaii, so Alolan Dugtrio having the surfer cut fits in perfectly.
Besides that:

Alolan Dugtrio's hair may be based on Pele's hair, a thin volcanic glass formed near Hawaiian volcanoes

So, Alolan Dugtrio's hair is supposed to be volcanic glass, but also the pokedex entry says they are whiskers:

Its shining gold whiskers are advanced sensors that can detect vibrations from sounds several miles away.

Basically, the game says more in the Alolan Diglet entries:

Its head sports an altered form of whiskers made of metal. When in communication with its comrades, its whiskers wobble to and fro.{Sun} Its golden hairs function as sensors. It pokes them out of its burrow to monitor its surroundings {Moon} The need to dig through volcanic rock in the ground has made them more powerful than the Diglett of other regions. {Ultra Moon}

This ultimately means Diglet is steel type because of the "steel-ground types are stronger than ground types but not really" Game freak logic. In all seriousness, the game says they got more powerful but slower, so that's why they have a lower base speed than Kantonian Dugtrio.


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I never thought to look on the diglet page...
Great answer!
Essentially, ever since I read a B/W manga book (i forget which one), Black was battling Lenora, and couldn't get a hit on Stoutland with hypnosis. Lenora said it wasn't because Hypnosis had low accuracy, so Black checked his pokedex. Stoutland's info was quite useless, as he knew it didn't have vital spirit, but when he checked Lilipup's entry, it said something about it being sensitive to it's surroundings and was able to doge attacks easier(not actually, but whatever). Essentially, because I read that, I always check previous evolution's entries when proving/disproving things.