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i just got a used copy of Pokemon White and found that the save file had not been erased by the previous owner, who had around a page and a half of legendaries in his PC box, as well as some other rare or event- exclusive Pokemon. what is the fastest way to transfer all that to another save file? I really want to keep all this!

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Well, from what I know there are two options.

One: IF you have X/Y and a 3ds or 2ds you can use pokebank to transfer them one box at a time to X or Y. Just note that they can't be transferred back down to B/W/B2/W2. Also pokebank costs $5 a year.

Two: You can trde them one by one to another B/W/B2/W2 game. This isn't as hard as it seems and you could probably get 2 boxes done in an hour if you are paying attention.

Source: My brain and this.

Hope this helps! Also congrats on the free Pokemon!