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I was just wandering, have GameFreak ever confirmed any Pokemon that were scrapped for any reason and didn't make the final cut?

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I have no idea what you mean
I mean, have game freak ever admitted to leaving out pokemon in design( or whatever) and have not ever been used since in any games (scrapped)
Like they made a pokemon  bad themself
Yeah, they made a pokemon, but it never made the final cut.

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Here are some of the Pokemon which were shown or leaked in various stages of concept and beta development for various Pokemon games. A lot of them were later retooled into different Pokemon or arguably served for inspiration for later Pokemon, but there are a handful on the list that resemble no known Pokemon today.

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Yeah, but my real question was about actual scrapped pokemon, but in what you said answered it, and common pokemon knowledge is many pokemon went through different phases and became inspiration for others,  thanks for answering!