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Like in an interview or something like that.

I'm asking because I know Shigeru Miyamoto has stated before that he does not like the second Zelda game he made, (Zelda II, Adventure of Link,) and am wondering if Masuda or any other Game Freak developer has said anything similar.

Not yet, but who knows what will come.
How do you know there hasn't been one yet? Did you look at every interview?
If the answer to this question really is "no", how can we ever know that? I think this question might not be answerable.
If the answer is no, we can just answer no (?)
I don't think that no as an answer would be good enough, because at this point there's no source which says no or the contrary. Though as sumwun said, is this answerable? It would be pretty tedious to scroll through interviews and the sort, but even that might not help.
Personally, I’d think “there’s been no major discussion at this time recorded pointing towards any distain towards a particular game” would work

DrlavaYT has all the interviews, so if anyone would know, it’s him.

I think it’s up to what OP would accept as an answer
As long as you guys have looked into it I don't mind if you answer like ty suggested in his last comment

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legendary art director Ken Sugimori, who has been with the series from the beginning, is already thinking about the next generation. Specifically, he feels that the series has become needlessly complex as of late [when they were developing XY], and wants it to return to its simpler roots.


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Can saying something is too complex be counted as "distaste" or "not liking". I mean, both calculus and Elden Ring are "needlessly complex", but you don't need to not like them to say that
Damn thanks

That's actually a super interesting link thanks
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well, actually, yes, they've shown quite a bit of distaste for the following: BDSP, Pokemon MD: Adventure Team and believe it or not, Pokemon XY.

Reasons: BDSP, due to how glitched and rushed the game was, as well as being made by another company, Pokemon MD: Adventure Team, because they looked back and decided they didn't really like the art style they went with, as well as didn't like the story, and Pokemon XY because, yes, while the mega evolution concept was cool and all, it had many flaws that offset the appeal in game freaks' opinion, there was also many times where game freak talked about wanting to stop the development of XY because they felt it wasn't a good idea with the story they had.

alright, there you go, if you don't believe me, you can even google this yourself, if I AM wrong, please let me know, I understand that not ALL information given is perfect, and some of the time needs to be pointed out and tweaked to give accurate information.

It is more helpful to link the pages that support the answer instead of making other people do that themselves. I did a cursory search and found nothing to support this answer.
At the very least you can tell us which words to Google.
> I understand that not ALL information given is perfect, and some of the time needs to be pointed out and tweaked to give accurate information.

If this is the case, don't answer a question. Leave a comment instead.

Your answer provides no sources for any of your claims. Also Mystery Dungeon wasn't made by Game Freak, it was made by a company called Spike Chunsoft.