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I was looking at scolipede and I noticed it had 4 possible abilities. Is there any other Pokemon like this?


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Yes, Basculin and the Chandelure-family also have access to 4 different abilities. Unlike the other two, Basculin can have all its abilities in all games, as it's two forms have different Abilities.
Also, if you count the changing of Mega Evolutions Abilities, several more Pokemon have access to 4 Abilities. These are Chaizard (if you count both forms), Alakazam, Kangaskhan, Pinsir, Mewtwo (of you count both forms), Heracross, Houndoom, Gardevoir, Mawile, Aggron, Manectric, Banette, Absol, Lucario, Pidgeot, Slowbro, Steelix, Sableye, Camerupt, Glalie and Lopunny.

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Thanks.  There was no real reason I wanted to know, I was just curious :P
Just to let you all know, Rockruff now has four abilities because of an event