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Own Tempo Rockruff is one.
Well, @CinccinoFloof, what are the others?
If I knew what all the others were, I would have answered rather than commented. I’m just naming one example off the top of my head to contribute to the conversation and help myself/others find the full answer.
Speaking of which, where is KRLW890? He said he will give me the answers today?
I think KRLW890 is 5 hours behind, not sure though :P .

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Treecko line’s HA (Unburden)
Torchic line’s HA (Speed Boost)
Mudkip line’s HA (Damp)
Lileep line’s HA (Storm Drain)
Anorith line’s HA (Swift Swim)
Regirock’s HA (Sturdy)
Regice’s HA (Ice Body)
Registeel’s HA (Light Metal)
Turtwig line’s HA (Shell Armor)
Chimchar line’s HA (Iron Fist)
Piplup line’s HA (Defiant)
Cranidos line’s HA (Sheer Force)
Shieldon line’s HA (Soundproof)
Glameow line’s HA (Keen Eye)
Stunky line’s HA (Keen Eye)
Dialga’s HA (Telepathy)
Palkia’s HA (Telepathy)
Giratina’s HA (Telepathy)
Snivy line’s HA (Contrary)
Tepig line’s HA (Thick Fat)
Oshawott line’s HA (Shell Armor)
Turtouga line’s HA (Swift Swim)
Tornadus’ HA (Defiant)
Thundurus’ HA (Defiant)
Landorus’ HA (Sheer Force)
Greninja’s Battle Bond
Large Pumpkaboo line’s HA (Insomnia)
Rowlett line’s HA (Long Reach)
Litten line’s HA (Intimidate)
Popplio line’s HA (Liquid Voice)
Rockruff’s Own Tempo

Please tell me if I missed any.

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Thanks for the answer!