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Please don't question my curiosity.

In fact, some Abilities from the games originally appeared as Pokémon Powers.
I have great respect for history. I know Pokémon Powers existed before Abilities, I'm simply saying that specific Abilities probably aren't inspired by Poké Powers or Poké Bodies.
he means that which PokePowers shared name with Abilities?
I know the concept of Magic Bounce was based on Mew's evolution barrier. That's bout it.
It would take a while but if your desperate search it up on bulbapedia abilities
I found a few but it would take to long to find them all!!

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I am posting this answer so that this question will be removed from the "unanswered question" list.

I will do research and come up with an answer for you.

Rain Dance
Sunny Day
Magic Coat
Poison Touch
Thick Fat
Magma Armor
Clear Body

Some of these are speculative. It is hard to say what is based on what, as we are not the creators of either.

lol did you miss me over the last year, sum?

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