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Like how if your starter is shiny it will have the shiny animation but the colour will be the same, and how trainers can see you and battle you when looking in the wrong direction sometimes.

Also, are any glitches in the demo harmful to the ds and any other games you have on that ds, and are the glitches harmful to the demo?

Glitches are never harmful to your DS.
The glitches you name actully happened?
the starters being shiny is just that no real issue to be worried about there.. oh and I think the trainers' have an actual peripheral now, is what I can safely assume
The trainer one happened to me, a sailor saw me and battled me although me was looking the wrong way, and also once a rich boy wouldn't battle me even though I was right infront of him and I had to talk to him.
Kinda looking for a full list of glitches here.
A full list of glitches will do and whether they are harmful or not.

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OOO Yay Glitch questions! my favorite!

Here we go:

  1. Shiny Starters: As explained above. This will just be a cool find, no harm whatsoever.
  2. Sailor trainer Glitch: Haven't seen this one. But from what you explained The trainer must have had a ''line of sight'' programmed into it but no specific facing area, therefor when you started that adventure it was chosen at random. No harm.
  3. Invisible Roller skates Glitch: He claims it to be a roller skate animation but we won't know until roller skates are used or not. No harm.

That's all I could find so far, other than a few graphic glitches but they're of no harm. Also NO glitches whatsoever can harm your ds, your ds just record's them the same as game data.

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