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Deoxys-A has a perfect Attack, Sp.Attack and Speed.
Deoxys-D has a perfect Defensive stats, can learn Recover, Toxic, Seismic Toss.

Both at are the top 10 most high stat (Atk, Sp.Atk, Def, Sp.Def).

Why isn't people using them?

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Maybe they are too OP?
I don't know about anyone else but I see Deoxys-A quite regularly when I play Ubers, I don't commonly see Deoxys-D though.

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  • Frail as glass.
  • Destroyed by common priority.
  • Pretty much forced to run Focus Sash.
  • Despite it having nearly undisputed speed, some common scarfers outspeed it. Base 100 Pokemon with a scarf and a positive nature can always outspeed Deoxys-A, and they are pretty much everywhere.
  • Thunder Wave is also chosen on some Pokemon at times, which halts it cold.


  • Psychic is not a good defensive type as it has a very exploitable Dark and Ghost weakness. With Knock Off and Mega Gengar gaining popularity, things haven't looked good for it.
  • Toxic is no fun for it.
  • It has pretty pitiful HP, and in Ubers that's not what you expect from a defensive Pokemon.
  • In hazard setting roles, Deoxys-S outclasses it most of the time.

Hope I helped!

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