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For example if someone traded a hacked Pokemon to my game would it effect my game. If they gave me hacked O-powers would it effect my game. Also would someone having a hacked game effect my game through passerby or whatever (doubt it but still).
Traded Pokemon, O powers, friend safari, etc

Traded Pokemon wont.

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They can't

  • Hacked Pokémon will not affect your game, but if they have illegal Abilities or moves they cannot be used in Wi-Fi battles.

  • Even if you are given O-Powers that were obtained with a cheat, they will work normally, and will not affect your game.

  • Even if you play with someone with a hacked game on PSS, it cannot affect your game. As I said above, Pokémkon with illegal traits cannot participate in battles, and hacked Pokémon don't affect your game anyway.

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