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After looking around the site I have noticed that it stands "Shaking/Bubbling spots" at the most routes, and I wonder what it is?


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When you play through Pokemon Black and White, some grass patches are shaking, and if you're surfing, some patches will be bubbling. Most of those patches have an uncommon pokemon in them, such as Drilbur that will later evolve into Excadrill.

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I only wonder, how often does this happen?
Well, I never played through the game, but I believe it's not so rare...
I've plsayed through the rom, you actually see it happen quite often. I love that new feature!
It's not really common but it happens every so often. Problem is you sometimes run into other Pokemon before you get to the shaking/bubbling spot. Also in caves the sand is thrown up in a sort of cloud.
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It's a spot where a rare pokemon appears. However, you're more likely to find Audino than anything in those spots. Still, it's a good idea to check them out. A good strategy for getting to those spots would be to bring out the strongest pokemon in your party, then spray a repel for a safe path.