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According to Serebii, a new episode called Ash and Serena's First Date! The Vow Tree and the Present! was revealed.
Will we only know once it comes out?

In a nutshell: Will Ash finally get a girlfriend after all these years?

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Do they date or not?
I gave secret the idea for this lol xD
or i think
Saw serebii
..... Serena is weird lol. She still remembers Ash even though all he did was help her with a gash on her knee and that was ages ago.. And then she goes all the way to find him... Stalky much? XD
ash needs her. :)

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Most likely, no!

Here is a list of reasons as to why:

  1. Pokémon is a children's TV show.
    It would be a bad idea to give the main character a girlfriend. It's obvious that Serena secretly likes Ash, but they have to keep it age appropriate.
  2. Ash is oblivious.
    Ash is oblivious not just to people liking him, but also to the existence of romance itself, this has been a part of Ash's character all throughout the entirety of the show. It's a gag like "were blasting off again!", Brock in some way being punished for falling in love, and, dare I say it, Connoisseur time! They won't change Ash's character like that, it's not how TV works.
  3. Ash is only 10 years old.
    There have been a lot of debates over the years, as to how old Ash really is, but the fact is in every season Ash is ten years old. It's just how the show works, there is no reason to have the main characters dating on a children's show.
  4. Serena is replaceable.
    Serena will most likely be replaced by a new travelling companion after the X and Y series. It happens every few seasons, first there was Misty, then May, then Dawn, then Iris, so it's only a matter of time before Serena is replaced by a new travelling companion too. Also if Ash and Serena were to date and be in a relationship, how would they explain Serena's leave... a break up?

As you can see it just doesn't work in the end, sorry to disappoint you. :(

Hope I helped.

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yes ash turn's 11, in johto, but they then reset him to 10 and never age him again, unfortunately
THAT DOESNT MEAN ANYTHING!!! HE NEVER AGED!!! Please tell me someone else agrees with me!!
Okay I guess that makes sense because of how they never aged Ash in the first place but if they did age Ash (doubt they will) he'll be 19 this year (2016 subtract 1997). What does oblivious mean by the way?
how do you write in bold letters?
Well first off, don't go asking it on an almost two year old question. Ask the chat if you want to know.

And to type bold letters, just put two asterisks around the word you want bolded in the answer box. Idk if it works for comments.
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Though late on the draw I would like to provide a few conjectures to the list by relict9.
1) Though the demographic is mainly targeted to children, the detail could be to the dedicated fans of the anime which aired in 1997. The fans since then would at least be in their early 20s, but want to keep the little kid inside them. The romance could be a detail meant to attract the older demographic from the time the anime started.
2) Don't most males start off dense in a relationship where a girl makes the move? I'm sure they do, and I have experienced real life first hand
3) I'm sure some of us had a crush when we were ten before, and Serena is as well ten being the same age as Ash, so why not put it in the show? If anything it gives a sort of realism to the plot. (To be fair, though, it would be nice if the writers were consistent with. details like that)
4) Possibly, but there has been a somewhat kind of favoritism proposed to Serena, as opposed to the past female companions. Examples being:
- Neither Serena nor her bike were electrocuted by Pikachu
-She was invited into the party by Ash rather than insisting on tagging along
-Serena knew ash at a younger age
-Serena set out into looking for Ash without a goal for herself
The evidence could mean the writers may have something planned for Ash and Serena.

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In the show you see ashes birthday and it goes through multiple seasons and it is proven the ash is actually 16 going into XY. So it is plausible that he could get a girlfriend.