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Hello all,
I just completed the Delta Episode and I accidentally used ExtremeSpeed one time too many times on Deoxys...
Does anyone know if I can attempt to capture it again? I've read on a different website that I just need to go back to the top of Sky Pillar, so I traveled there to find nothing.
Do I need to beat the Elite Four again maybe?
If anyone knows, I'd be grateful if you could help me out!
Much thanks,

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I used Dragon Ascent and one shot it... I'm in the same boat.
So I'm not the only one ;D
thats why you save before legendaries my friends
*ahem* I couldn't
I couldn't save before Deoxys, sooo, yea...
well, in the last few games stuff showed back up after re-doing the elite four.  best i can say is try it and find out since you've already knocked it out.
Go to the space station' second floor and the scientist will talk to you about deoxys.

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This is how you do it.

1.Clear the Pokemon League for the second time (First time was your main game), you will now be able to choose your Unova Starter from Professor Birch. (Similar to how you choose your Johto Starter)
2.Now go back to the top of the Sky Pillar.- The Deoxys triangular stone will appear there.

Hope this helps you all!

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Thanks! It worked!
Thanks for the answer, I got worried when I couldn't save before hand but this has helped a lot   :)