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I seem to only be getting Absol babies.
Is this because my Absol is the female and Zorua is the male?

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Yes. The male will never pass the species of the Pokemon, only the mother can. So to get a Zorua Egg, you'll need a female Zorua or Zoroark.

The only exception to this is Ditto breeding. Ditto's partner will always pass down the species, regardless of their gender. Ditto Eggs are not possible. So if you have a Ditto, put it in the Day Care with Zorua and you will get a Zorua Egg.

If ditto eggs aren't possible then... How odd the ditto get there O.O
I recall Ditto eggs being possible to obtain in gen 3. Am I correct?
No...? I doubt that ever happened without glitch/hack.
Ditto eggs might be possible if two dittos are bred together
Two Dittos cannot breed.
Aren't dittos human-made pokémon?
Not exactly, but the theory is that Ditto is a failed clone of Mew. It's only a theory, though, Ditto could very well be a naturally-occuring substance. The Porygon line is man-made, though.
Imagine getting stuck in a battle with ditto vs ditto. Probably a good thing npcs dont have dittos(usually)