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I need a few for remembering some moves I need. It would be nice to know where they all are.

You can find them somewhere
Wow. Such detail. Much help.

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I just wanted to add but also on route 104 near the cottage (in the sandy part) if you use your dowsing machine near that area, you should find a heart scale. I hope I helped! (Even though it wasn't much)

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There are 3 main ways:

Use Thief/ Covet on Luvdiscs
Rock Smash
Pick Up

According to Serebii, Luvdisc appear on Route 118, in Victory Road and Evergrande City. Best to use a Super Rod on Route 118 and you get 60% encounter rate.

I think the Heart Scale chance for Luvdisc is about 50%. Best to use a Compound Eyes Pokémon to increase the chance.