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Planned set:
252 Sp.atk/252 Spd/4 Hp
Ability: Intimidate ---> Aerilate
-Hyper Voice
-Hydro Pump
-Fire Blast
-Dragon Pulse


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Well since you have a special set then the nature should be either Modest or Timid. Modest is for when you need that extra power, and Timid is for when you need to get some speed. And change the 4Hp EVs to 4Spe because you will be taking less damage from Stealth Rocks. Hope I helped!

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He already has max Spe and SpA tho. If you're playing the actual game go for 4 HP, simulator go for 4 Def or SpD. Like he said, the HP helps with the Stealth Rocks damage
It's for competitive battling ingame. So stealth rock will be common, so he will need to change some EVs around a bit. And he doesn't have max speed. He has max Special Attack, max Special Defense, and 4 HP EVs.