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I had just obtained Lugia and added him to my party so I could go to the Trackless Forest.
I went there and noticed that Suicune was there and I wanted to soft reset for a shiny one but I didn't have time to do that so I left the Trackless Forest thinking he would be there when I came back.
I went and caught Thundurus and checked other Mirage Spots for different trios to catch and then when I went back to the Trackless Forest it was Raikou and not Suicune.

So, will I be able to encounter him again or am I screwed?
Note: I went to the forest and it said "the air is chilly" so I knew it was Suicune and then I soared away to do other things before I soft resetted.

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Yes you will. the time past the hour determins which legendary dog appears.
xx:oo - xx:20-- Raikkou appears
xx:20- xx:40-- Entei appears
xx:40- xx:00 -- Suicune appears.