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I had caught both of Suicune's brothers, Entei and Raikou, but now I went back after putting my Lugia in the front of my team and playing with Entei and Raikou to pass the time when I found changing the time on my clock did not work to capture her. Then I went to the portal but I was surprised it hadn't said anything about a strange presence or lightning like glare like it did the other two. I then went to check the portal and it said there was a strange ring in the air. It did not mention sticking my hand in the ring. I am curious as to whether I had scared her away since I captured her brothers or If I just need to wait 24 hours since I had changed the clock on my game. Please tell me because I really want to catch her, Did I scare her or is there something I need to do?

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No, you dont have to wait 24 hours after capturing her. I caught all of them within 40 minuets. If you changed the time on your clock BAD IDEA! It takes about 24-48 hours before you can catch or do any time-based events after changing the time.

You could also be looking for her at the wrong time, I believe she appears at 40-00 minuets of the hour (I.e. 11:40 - 12:00)

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