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Im looking for a nature for my Sharpedo, and I want your opinion: This is my Sharpedo's current moveset and nature:

  • Surf
  • Waterfall
  • Ice Fang
  • Crunch
  • Rash


is this a in game team or competitive?
Competitive and kind of in-game if you count the Delta Episode, but mostly Competitive.

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Adamant or Naughty

These natures increase attack which is what Sharpedo excels in. Although I would get rid of Surf if it is Competitive. If in-game leave it unless you can find a better to utilize Surf.
It looks as though you are edging towards a more Physical set than Special so Adamant (+atk -sp.a)
or Naughty +atk -sp.d )will do.

Jolly is also an option if you are wanting to invest in speed. But Sharpedo's HA , Speed Boost will probably be more effective.


Sharpedo can be used as a good Special Attacker since its current nature Rash increases Sp.A and decreases Sp.D.

An ideal Moveset would be :

-Dark Pulse
-Ice Beam
-Surf or Hydro Pump
(It depends on if you want reliablity or power)

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Sp. Def not sp. Atk for naughty nature